What is the meaning of nursing care services for the elders


Elders nowadays depend largely on care and support. With the growing world of industrialization and employment structure being hectic and overly professional, caring for ourselves, and then our elders is not an easy task. And since they are senior citizens, we cannot risk their health by being casual in approach or taking chances with them. nursing care services come to our rescue here.

What are nursing care services?

To explain this in simple words and as the name suggests, nursing care services mean nurses or people who care for us and do their job of caring for us efficiently and professionally. They are our elder care service provider if you are looking for them to look after our old and weak ones at home.

How do these nurses do their job?

In a nursing care service agency, they perform several services to do their job. The range of services is wide and varied wherein they may work individually or with a group of other nurses, and sometimes be a helper to a doctor if the elderly are undergoing medications. They also provide help with custodial care like having baths, getting dressed, feeding, and other household care.

They can also offer help while going out shopping and doing other simple errands accordingly. Skilled nurses and caretakers can take a more professional approach while working for the ailed elders. They can also take care of the psychological approach of the lonely elders like mental health and emotional support, almost like a psychiatrist.

They can sometimes offer physiotherapy services and look after many other medical conditions with the luxury of sitting at home if that is preferred. It is the best choice for people who look for 24-hour supervision and even if the elderly are disabled physically or emotionally handicapped.


What are the benefits of at-home nursing care services?


Senior home care services promote healing at home and reduce the chances of any upcoming infections and allergies alike that can occur as a result of being in the hospital. Patients who have undergone surgeries or operations are more susceptible to infections alike. At-home care, therefore, is safer and promotes faster healing.


Nursing care services are personalized according to needs and medical conditions. This helps the patient in being comfortable because their needs are always being catered to and they always feel heard and looked after just the way they want. This is especially important because, in old age, people want to feel loved based on their liking.


Elder care services support daily lives and living. Starting from cooking, grooming, personal care, hygiene, bathing, and running basic errands, nursing care services help in making daily life easier for the weak, elderly ones. ALDs are that part of the nursing care service which provides Activities of daily living to the patients.


The best part of nursing care services is the affordability factor. It is much more affordable than doing the same care on a hospital bed. Hospitals charge much higher than normal nurses and sometimes the needs are not looked after properly.

People are not properly cared for and not all needs are heard properly just because they have a lot of patients to look after. If you’re on a budget and have to keep the patient for a longer time, avoid hospitals and look for a nursing care service.


What is the best nursing care service in Kolkata?

The best elder care services in Kolkata are provided by Service, a leading company in nursing and healthcare services offered to the elders in Kolkata. They believe in the motto, “Your parents, Our parents”, and never compromise on quality and dedication.

Their client reviews are exquisite and so are their long variety of services and trained professionals, medical experts, care managers,  and dedicated nurses are only offered. Other services they provide are home safety, emergency response, post-surgery care, covid care, physiotherapy, medical appliances on rent, dementia care, and also nonmedical support.

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