How does a home attendant help the elderly in day-to-day life?


Why are elder care services in Kolkata necessary?

At the elder care service in Kolkata, we have been providing the best home care services to the elderly for years.

Today, Home attendants are in very high demand. The pandemic has had a global impact on such a critical issue. It has resulted in a decline in everyday activities among elders, among other things that they do.

A few examples are missing morning and evening stroll in the park, having their daily dose of exercise and gossip, as are rushing through small errands here and there. As a result, the elderly ones are losing their sense of purpose and passion in life. As a result, their drive to take medication has decreased which is a very bad consequence at this age.

Medication errors can have devastating repercussions on the elderly. This is because maintenance drugs are frequently used to control certain health issues even when no symptoms of bad health are present.

As a result, taking them on a daily basis is the only way to remain healthy and avoid more serious side effects because there cannot be a lot of risks at this age. Uncontrolled blood pressure, for example, usually has no immediate consequences. However, skipping a regular dose of blood pressure medicine raises the chance of a heart attack or stroke, now that’s a shock. This is exactly why home attendants are in high demand.

What are the jobs of such elder care services in Kolkata?

The job of an attendant is to ensure the finest possible elder care at home for your elders. In addition, complete help and care are given to the older in order to maintain their proper well-being. Attendant ensures that your elders receive assistance with nearly all daily living activities and physical movements of the same. An attendant stays with the elderly or the ill and deceased for as long as you like during the day or night, or on a permanent basis 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as and however you have hired. An attendant’s function may vary depending on your needs and your patient’s health status. He could be an elderly caregiver, a patient caregiver, a nursing aid to a nurse, or an independent medical attendant. The primary activities of an attendant are listed below. Some of them have received long-term or short-term training in providing long-term semi-medical care. During your initial engagement, you can always discuss your specific care requirement with the attendant, and let me tell you that this is necessary. Now following are widely the services of a home attendant :

Help with Personal Hygiene, Feed with healthy food & Prepare Meals, Oral Medicine as directed by the physician, Massages and Physical Activity, Wheelchair and Walking Assistance, Monitoring Blood Pressure, Temperature, and Sugar (Electronic), many appointments with Doctors, Grocery and general shopping, Visiting religious sites and attending family events, Offering of friendship and companionship.

What to look for in an elder care home attendant offering elder care services in Kolkata?

Following are the qualities that are required for elder care by the home attendant :

  1. Home attendants (caregivers/caretakers) and nurses who have been trained and certified properly
  2. Nurse supervisors and company personnel that are knowledgeable and know their job well
  3. Prompt replacements in the event of absence or leave of home attendants
  4. Regular visits by nurse supervisors to check on the patient’s condition
  5. Transparent patient involvement terms and conditions
  6. Patients/seniors are subjected to routine health examinations.
  7. Nurses and carers with confirmed backgrounds
  8. Quick reply to your inquiries
  9. Sufficient experience in managing home healthcare operations; and
  10. There is no minimum defined contract period. You can hire caregivers for any length of time.
Where can you find a good elder care home attendant offering elder care services in Kolkata?

Eligible home attendants for elder care services in India can be found on several websites online. It is best to choose from inclusive healthcare services of companies that offer many kinds of services to elderly people, just search for elderly care services near me or elderly care in Kolkata. Elder care should not come without experience so it is important to check for the company’s reviews and their experience of work and service. If you still do not have the name of such a trustworthy website in mind, we recommend Servicure to you. They will take care of your parents the way you do yours. Their professionals are trained and their experience speaks volumes. That is why they provide the best elder care services in Kolkata.

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