How do I choose an old age home?


Do your grandparents live far away from you but require elder care services in Kolkata Obviously yes! Our loved ones definitely deserve the best possible care. Do not worry! Homes for the elderly provide facilities and services that care for the elderly and make their living more pleasant. However, the real challenge lies in choosing the right retirement home for your loved ones. It is quite a tedious task because it is important to make your loved ones feel at home and happy.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a nursing home:

What does home look like?

When you enter a retirement home, the first impression is made by its appearance. Is it impressive? Does it feel like home? You can check whether the house is well maintained or not, both inside and out. This makes an impression on management and wait staff. Also, check out the facilities and services offered at the home.

What types of rooms are available?

Most nursing homes offer shared rooms or a combination of shared and private rooms. In several places, they only offer private rooms with all the necessary equipment. Also, decide based on how far the room is located from common facilities such as the dining room, entrance, and other home facilities. Check the availability of a specific room type at each nursing home you visit. According to the needs of your elders, you can shortlist a nursing home and decide.

What type of care do they need?

People who need unique care should ensure that a registered nurse is on duty at all times in the nursing home. Also, make sure they have regular access to professional health services such as dietitians, speech therapists, and many others. For people who do not require any specialized care, arrange for a registered nurse to visit the home every few days to check on residents. According to your needs, you can choose a nursing home in Kolkata for your parents/grandparents.

What entertainment activities are available?

Make sure the nursing home offers its own entertainment. Also, check if the home has occupational therapy programs. Ask about other nursing home activities that provide respite for residents.

How hygienic is food preparation?

Take a look at the kitchen and pantry to get an overview of the cleanliness aspect of the home. Check the menu and make sure they offer healthy meals. Please speak to staff if your family member has any specific dietary requirements. Also, check the sluice and laundry to see how clean and sanitary they are.

How to find the right staff?

Caring staff plays an important role in your loved one’s life. When visiting such homes, talk to the staff and observe their behavior and interactions with other residents. Professional, friendly, approachable, and helpful people are always preferred!

What to check before signing the contract?

Please read carefully before signing any contract with the organization. Check whether you have the right to terminate the contract if you are not satisfied with the elder care services in Kolkata.

With them, you can make an informed decision when choosing a home for the elderly or your loved one. If you are looking for elder care service for your grandfather or a loved one, then turn to Men’s Nursing Home and choose the right one!

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