Medical Equipment on rent in Kolkata

Encountering a medical urgency? Urgently need professional support? Choose Servicure, your trusted partner for medical equipment rental service in Kolkata. Our seasoned team assists you in selecting the most suitable medical equipment tailored to your needs and budget. Dive into our top-notch product range, including Oxygen Concentrators, Suction Machines, BiPAP, CPAP, Hospital Beds, Air Mattresses, IV Stands, IV Apparatus, Nebulisers, and Oximeters, all available for rent. Experience prompt delivery post rigorous quality checks. Connect with us for swift and reliable access to medical equipment in Kolkata.

Equipment We Provide on Rent

Oxygen Concentrator:

Elevate your oxygen therapy with our advanced Oxygen Concentrators. Reliable, efficient, and available for rent, ensuring a steady supply of oxygen in the comfort of your home.


Experience restful sleep with our BiPAP machines. Rent these advanced devices to enhance your respiratory well-being, ensuring a good night's sleep with our reliable BiPAP machines.


Discover peaceful nights with our CPAP machines. Available for rent, these devices provide effective respiratory support, promoting uninterrupted sleep for better health and a refreshing morning.

Hospital Bed:

Comfort meets functionality with our Hospital Beds. Available for rent, these beds are designed for optimal patient care, promising a supportive and restorative environment.

Air Mattress:

Elevate patient comfort with our Air Mattresses. Available for rent, these mattresses provide pressure relief and ensure a restful sleep, promoting overall well-being.

IV Stand & Apparatus:

Facilitate hassle-free intravenous therapy with our IV Stands and Apparatus. Available for rent, these essential tools ensure seamless administration of fluids and medications.


Breathe easy with our Nebulisers. Rent these portable devices for efficient inhalation therapy, providing relief for respiratory conditions in the convenience of your home.


Monitor your oxygen levels with our Oximeters. Available for rent, these devices provide accurate readings, empowering you with the knowledge to manage your health effectively.


Enhance mobility and regain independence with our wheelchair rental services. Whether for short-term recovery or long-term use, our wheelchairs offer comfort and ease, ensuring you move with confidence and convenience.

Nurturing Recovery, Where You Belong

Compassionate Care, Right at Your Doorstep

Experience the warmth of recovery in the comfort of your home. Our medical equipment rental services deliver compassionate support, bringing the essence of care to your doorstep. Your well-being, our commitment.

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