Home Hospitalization Setup

What are the Home hospitalization Setup Services we provide?

Servicure provides caregiver services at home for your elderly loved ones. It is not always easy to be around to help out with the daily routine, but we are here! From remote monitoring, testing for COVID-19, checking vital signs, giving proper meals and medications to oxygen cylinders and more – we provide a full suite of caregiving services.

We understand the needs of the elderly, and of their children who care for them. While you're far away from them, the constant tension about their health might keep you up at night, especially during such a crucial time of the pandemic. Yes, COVID as a fatal virus might be very dangerous to the elderly but you can be stress-free about your dear old parents' health and wellbeing. The Servicure Covidcare plan ensures that our specially trained nurses will check on each vital of elders, conduct tests, and 24x7 supervision, to ease your tension about their illness and well-being.

Our Home hospitalization Setup services include

  • Emergency Support for the Elderly
  • 24 hour ICU attendants
  • Remote Monitoring for Covid patients
  • COVID-19 testing at home
  • Checking vitals every hour
  • Providing medical equipment and oxygen cylinders when required

Let our experienced caregivers help your family today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • ICU Set Up at Home
  • Palliative Care
  • Trained Nurses and Attendant
  • Life saving medical devices or equipment  home set up
  • Empathetic Care Manager
  • Prompt emergency service 24X7
  • Trained care manager team
  • Affordable prices
  • 10 years experience in Elder Care Services
  • Trained Nursing Attendants
  • Doctor at Home

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